How to achieve inner peace and calm?

If you’ve ever tried to search for answer to this question, it means that you’re aware that you need it. I was not. It took me long time to realise this is something important in life, something necessary to be really happy. And I want to be happy, because it’s much better then being unhappy. Believe me.

So is it really needed to focus on inner calm?

There’s not so much talking about that but a lot of talking about everything on opposite side – stress, anxiety, lack of motivation, anger, overthinking, sleepless nights, and a lot of other negative feelings and nasty effects. This is that wrong side, so obviously there must be some right one as well. And that’s happiness, love, passion and all things positive. They all start somewhere, and this place is not so distant. Actually, it’s not distant at all – it all has source within ourselves. This is good news – it means, we’ve got 100% control on it. Next step is to learn how to use this control but it may come with steep learning curve.

Achieving inner peace and calm is starting point to boost any positive energy within us and with this, we can do everything. Literally – we can do and we have will to do something, to use this energy in any creative way.

I was struggling to find enough good energy within myself, so I asked a question – what could be the reason for that? What drags me down, doesn’t allow to fully use my potential and fully enjoy my life? And why I hardly could achieve inner calm? I needed to clear my mind and search for answer in a place I was never looking for answers.


Within myself.

That’s the place where all answers related to ourselves are stored. But it’s so difficult to get there. I needed to clear my mind and forget about all external factors – it’s always easy to blame people around, complain about bad luck, rainy day, unsuitable conditions etc. I put that aside and looked much deeper. Call it meditation, if you like. During that session I realised that there is connection between our body and mind. And if there’s anything wrong with one, it gets reflected in other. We’re all aware that if we’re under stress, we feel tension in muscles. Or we can react with stomach problems to experiences we don’t like. But other way round?

How much our body influences our mind?

When someone is visibly sick, got flu for example, such person is unlikely to smile and be full of power. This power goes somewhere else – body uses most of it to fight sickness. Other good example is hangover – after heavy drinking we feel awful next day. This is our body fighting toxins. In both cases our bad mood is closely related to bad energy coming from virus or toxins – anything our organism doesn’t like and fights with. Once that fight is won, we feel better again – both physically and spiritually.

Let’s go one step further.

Examples above show that there’s direct link between toxins in our body and how we feel. So if that’s the rule, then in most cases our negative feelings can be related to presence of offensive substances in our organism. In my moment of enlightenment I realised following:

  • In order to feel good and happy, we need to achieve harmony within ourself.
  • Spiritual being is always aligned with physical being.
  • Bad mood is usually reflection of bad physical health.
  • In most cases that’s caused by viruses and toxins in organism.


Getting rid of toxins from the body should be the first step on any spiritual journey.

First step to achieve inner calm. I set this direction for myself and results are surprising. I’ll continue my story in future posts, watch this space (or just hit follow 😉 ).

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I completely understand, having been through something similar over the past year. I would say – don’t be too hard on yourself, there will be times when you feel like you’ve gone back to your old self. But that’s ok, in fact it’s good because now you can recognise the signs and you understand there is an imbalance, which you didn’t realise before. Good luck with your journey to finding your inner calm.

  2. I think with social media being so big as it is now, then the overwhelming feeling is people want to feel positive. The thing is, we cannot get it from external things. Sure, we can but it wouldn’t last long. The key factor is ourselves. To be positive in this world comes down to our own vibrational frequency. It goes up and down. I noticed I get in that high vibrational frequency from coffee, but the downside is having dry skin a day later. Coffee let’s me get things done which makes me feel positive and happy, but when it wears off all that’s left is me wanting more but also wanting to moisturize myself like crazy 😂 Coffee is that ex in your life that always finds a way to sneak back into your life 😛 Great post btw! Thoroughly enjoyed it 😊

    1. I like your comparison of coffee to ex 🙂 I had big argument and divorce with coffee recently (entire story can be found two posts ago). This week I decided we can still be friends if she promise to become decaf 🙂 It works well so far. Thanks for your comprehensive comment, it’s almost like blog post material 😉

  3. Definitely something we all need to work on…inner peace is essential for success, productivity and happiness. Thanks for writing on the subject 🙌

  4. I agree with all in your post. 🙂
    Emotions can be powerful & overwhelming so analysis of how we are feeling & why is really clarifying.

    We get so many chemicals & toxins from all around us & from food if don’t eat organic – so detoxifying is really important. I wish you well on your detox journey… 🙌

    1. Thank you! Problem with chemicals and toxins is on global scale now, but as long as we’re aware of this problem, there slight chance for change. At the very beginning we can start these changes for ourselves and then maybe help others, if we can. And I guess we’re on the same side here 🙂

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