Consciously do nothing and have the best outcome

Pressure to do something

I didn’t want to write this article. When I started this blog it was fun, then a few days of inactivity I thought I should write something new and I started to feel pressure about it. But whenever pressure comes, there comes resistance as well. The bigger the pressure, the stronger is counterforce against it.

What I really wanted was entirely different – go outside, get some fresh air, walk a few miles. Consciously do nothing and have the best outcome of that. Possibly take some pictures and have fun doing photo editing later. So, this was what I finally did and let me share that with you:

Path in Forest
Finding Path in Forest

This is what I really like – forests, woods, mountains – occasionally big city life as well, as counterbalance.

I think I like all those activities because they come naturally, I don’t have to them – nobody forces me to go outside, I have no deadlines to publish my pictures and so on. Total freedom.

Small Yellow Flowers
Finding Small Yellow Flowers

I believe this topic is worth exploring little bit further. I just need to grab a cup of coffee before writing next chapter (and before I decide to ditch coffee for long time again – read one old story about it here: 10 days without coffee)

Recipe for quality

Fine, let’s continue with this story. During the last few weeks, I thought a lot about our approach to any activities we do. This is what I’d like to highlight here – the focus was not on actions taken but on our perception of them. It doesn’t really matter if we talk about small, usual tasks like declutter a desk or big projects like building new spacecraft. If we talk about attitude towards those activities, the focus is somewhere else.

Survival Shelter
Finding Survival Shelter

When we realise that the same rules apply to whatever we do, we’ll understand that it is not the activity itself and not even scale and complexity of it which has influence on our success or failure. It is also not the thought about success itself. It is all about how much we’d like to do it and how much fun we’ve got doing that. Really. Have all those pictures in this article as example – can you feel excitement in them?

Autumn Remnants
Finding Autumn Remnants

On the other hand – whenever you find poorly assembled furniture, low quality equipment, unusable software – how much excitement do you think there was among people making them?

Instead of next chapter, have some more pictures:

More pictures

Weird Plant
Finding Weird Plant
Dry Bush
Finding Dry Bush

Where do you put your energy?

So, is there any point doing anything you don’t want to? Regardless of all “rational” reasoning – if there is any type of pressure coming with it – where do you think your energy goes in such situations – creation or resistance? Doing stuff or finding excuses to avoid that? Focus on quality or quick finish to not come back to it anymore? What if you put your energy into something you really enjoy instead?

Fancy some more pictures of nature?

Purple Flowers
Finding Purple Flowers
Green Leaves
Finding Green Leaves

How does it relate to mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about being here and now. Would you say you’re entirely here while thinking about doing anything else? My view on mindfulness is that it’s about living in harmony with our own nature. About being fully aware why we do what we do.

White Flowers
Finding White Flowers

I don’t have to write summary

Or anything at all. None of us must do anything. Except of breathing. Drinking and eating sometimes. Do whatever you enjoy, ditch everything else.

Finding Forest

Option to consciously do nothing is a great alternative to living in conflict within yourself. So, if I don’t write here anymore, find me on Instagram instead:

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